20 Sheets Metallic Animal Compass Tribal Full Arm & Half Arm Semi-Permanent Tattoo Combo

20 Sheets Metallic Animal Compass Tribal Full Arm & Half Arm Semi-Permanent Tattoo Combo


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About this item

  • PACKAGE INCLUDE 】8 Sheets Full arm Semi-Permanent tattoos (Lasts 15 days). 12 Sheets Half Arm Semi-Permanent tattoos (Lasts 15 days). 20 Sheets in Total.
  • EASY TO USE 】10-20 Seconds Water Transfer 
  • SAFE AND WATER RESISTANT 】-Our temporary tattoos are made with the waterproof technology and eco-friendly inks that are non-toxic. It can lasts around 15 days.
  • HIGH QUALITY TATTOOS 】-The effect of fake sleeve tattoo is close to the real tattoo. It can deceive others by sticking on your body. You can share it with your family and friends.
  • FASHION TATTOO DESIGNS 】- Our temporary tattoos are Perfect for all occasions. Spice up your appearance on the beach, at festivals, parties, concerts or any event. Fun for kids as favors and make great birthday gifts for friends or family. This unique Collection of temporary tattoos has been carefully selected to give you a choice of amazing options.
  • Tips for Semi-Permanent Tattoos (Watch before apply!):

    1. Fruit juice tattoo: Semi-permanent tattoos use fruit juice extracted from the Genipa fruit, which originates from the Americas. Due to the nature of this herbal juice, the tattoo will initially appear colorless. The color will gradually develop within 24-72 hours, depending on individual skin type and metabolism. It is important to avoid touching the tattoo ink before it completely dries. This typically takes around 1-2 hours, but the drying time may vary based on the tattoo's level of dryness. Additionally, please refrain from touching other areas of your body, especially your face, before the tattoo becomes visible. Otherwise, there is a risk of transferring the ink, which may be difficult to remove quickly.

    2. Allowing time for fading: Herbal semi-permanent tattoos usually last for approximately two weeks. If you wish to expedite the fading process, consider using gentle methods such as exfoliating scrubs, fine salt, or mild abrasives to lightly scrub the tattooed area. Another option is applying BB oil or cold cream with a cotton swab and gently massaging the area. Regular washing and careful rubbing may also help speed up the fading process. However, even with these methods, it may take around three to five days for the tattoo to completely fade away.

    Please note that these tips serve as general guidance and may vary depending on the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your herbal semi-permanent tattoo. It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the best results.

    Enjoy your herbal semi-permanent tattoo experience and embrace the unique beauty it brings!

    Note: If you experience any adverse reactions or discomfort, discontinue use and consult with a dermatologist.

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